We cannot adequately express our gratitude to the staff at The College Planning Network for their help in securing college funding for our three children. They reduced our EFC by over $10,000 by completing the FAFSA correctly!  In addition, they were able to simplify the complicated financial aid jargon and offer ways to pay for college while still maintaining our lifestyle.  They are always available to address any questions or concerns and have assured us we will survive having three kids in college at the same time.  Thank you three times over!!


~ Arlen and Bonnie G.

We have had a very positive experience with CPN, particularly by comparison with our previous attempt to select/fund college by ourselves.  Our son selected his college and obtained his aid through his parents' advice.  The school turned out to be an inappropriate choice and a very expensive mistake.   Our daughter, two years younger, has benefited from the advice and council of our advisors at CPN and, as a consequence, she has several good choices and a nice package of grants and scholarship money to consider.  We would highly recommend the CPN group for anyone who wants to target the best options for their child's college experience. 


~ Steve and Gail S.

We are a middle class/double income family and we did have some money saved for our three daughters’ college.  Like many of you, we anticipated there wasn't much we could do but pay the bills and take out loans when our savings ran out.  But after listening to the advice from the college specialists at The College Planning Network, we saw that we did have choices and things we could do to get our EFC down and also pick from some better schools. CPN gave us simple reorganizing techniques for our estate that brought our numbers down.  They also enabled our daughter to go to Case Western, which was a school we were not even considering due to the high tuition.  Our family also had the problem of ex-spouses incomes and their impact on our FASFA.  CPN gave us good advice regarding money sources other than our own incomes and savings.  They could answer questions that others couldn't.  Lastly, having their service fill out our forms and help with reply letters to colleges was a real time saver.  We always had someone to ask if we didn't quite understand what to put on the form!  All services are done professionally and in a timely manner.  We would definitely recommend listening to what they could do for you and your child.  After a few conversations with them we were amazed at what we didn't know.  


~ Lea and James D.

I am not a trusting person.  When my husband and I first decided to attend CPN’s Free Workshop, I was skeptical, but he wanted to listen.  We decided to go the next step and sign up for The College Planning Network’s services seeing that they offered a guarantee if we were unhappy with their work.  I was pleasantly surprised when we started working with them.  They were very knowledgeable and gave us options we thought we would never have.  Having CPN fill out our FAFSA forms was a big relief for us.  We thought we would not be eligible for financial aid, but they helped us with options to carry us through 6 years of college when we will have another student to put through.  Our daughter, Brittany, was able to go to the small, private college of her choice for the same cost as a state school.  They helped her receive aid and additional scholarship money.  She is very happy, doing well and we are planning on sending our second daughter to college in the fall of 2008.


~Mark & Lisa B.


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