GA College Planning's service center, CPN, in Cleveland Ohio, provides the non-financial aid services. CPN is recognized for their professionalism in adhering to the highest standards. The qualified staff consultants include retired admissions officers and NACAC Certified Counselors.

Student Counseling

      Student Assessment

  • Advanced search of careers, majors & studies based on specific student interests
  • Innovative college search based on demographics and personalized areas of importance

Complete Financial Overview

Provide complete financial overview on college, taxes, cash flow, retirement, and develop a plan to improve each area.

College Funding Strategies

Calculate Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and provide planning recommendations to reduce your EFC.

Provide financial aid award estimates for an unlimited number of schools

Provide strategies that legally protect your savings and retirement accounts from the financial aid formulas.

SAT and ACT Tutoring

Provide the essential key strategies of how to master the tests!
Treasure chest full of tips and strategies for test taking.

Unlimited follow up with our exclusive SAT and ACT in house experts.

College Essay Critiquing

We will provide you with your very own private NACAC certified counselor to review, edit and critique your essays.

College Admissions Coaching

We will review your applications for accuracy.

We will also provide easy to use parent and student manuals to assist you with time lines and deadlines.

Teleconferences and "tips of the week" for building an impressive admissions resume.

Provide "peace of mind"

Personalized Scholarship Matching

Provide which Merit-based scholarships your child needs to apply for which could be worth thousands of dollars.

Financial Aid Data Gathering and Processing

We will complete the FAFSA report, the CSS profile report, any additional school forms, confirm the accuracy of the SAR and make any necessary adjustments.


We will spreadsheet your award letters and evaluate the offers.

In addition we will provide tested appeal letters for all under-awarded offers.

CUMMING, GA. 30028
Phone: (770) 490-7007

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